Gnomes By Mari

Mari Kimsto is a Paris, Ontario based artisan whose search for a decorative gnome led her to create her own.  She wanted a gnome with the timeless simplicity of Scandinavian designs. Also known as tomtens/nisse/tonttus, they represent good luck and safeguard homes.

Of course, a gnome is not a gnome without a hat. Mari searches thrift stores for knits with beautiful patterns, colours and textures and reimagines these into hand sewn gnome hats, to give each gnome its own personality. Only a few gnomes can be made from a single knit.

Gnome bodies are cut and sewn from felt fabric and are stuffed firmly with acrylic fiber and  weighted with granular clay, allowing it to stand on its own. An oversized wooden nose and faux fur beard create the face.

No two gnomes are alike, each is unique and waiting for adoption.