GNOMES BY MARI are designed and based on the Scandinavian "tomte" and Nordic "nisse" folklores.


Gnomes are symbols of good luck and are believed to live for 400 years.  They watch over your home and family, especially at night when everyone is asleep.  Sometimes they will even help with the chores.  Gnomes also appear during Christmas and are Santa's helpers delivering gifts to children. 


Each one of my gnomes is handmade with care and attention to detail.


Gnome hats are sewn from re-purposed knits (sweaters, scarves, etc.).  Only a few gnomes can be made from a single knit and each of those will vary.  This results in each gnome being truly one-of-a kind, unique in both looks and personality.

 Gnome Sizes and Prices:

6" (15.2 cm) Ornament Gnome - $14.00

9" (22.9 cm) Tree/Bottle Topper Gnome - $18.00

Standing Gnomes:

All prices are in Canadian dollars and include GST/HST.  Shipping charges are added at checkout.



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